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Here for you. 

We're a nonprofit, outpatient mental health center. Our team is composed of leaders within the Vietnamese and Asian/Pacific Islander (API) communities who bring specialized knowledge of and experience with the different culturally diverse adult and youth populations to serve clients at Warner Wellness Center.

Our Mission

To build a stronger and healthier community by improving individual wellness through culturally competent services.

Our Vision

Become a community leader in providing a continuum of care that reduces stigma, removes barriers to services, and creates effective mental health treatment


About Us: The Clinic

Our Values


Creating a supportive environment for the communities we serve through outreach and engagement.


Leading with humility. Empowering new leaders.


Caring for and supporting each other to achieve
something bigger than we could have alone.


Service with empathy, grace, and dignity.


Maintaining confidentiality, cultural and profession competence, and the highest ethical standards
at all times.

Access and confidentiality are the foundations of our services. We know mental wellness can only be achieved by working together with you. Our team is committed to these values and helping you on your wellness journey.

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